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Best self-mentoring book ever written. All earnings from this book will be donated to
Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya, Chitrakoot, towards eye care for the poor.
“Everyone needs a mentor to realize
their potential. Best Wishes to Dr. Mansingh
as he attempts to throw light
on this important aspect through this book.”


Achieving Meaningful Success

‘Achieving Meaningful Success’ is a compilation of my life’s lessons. The simple, time-tested lessons offer a blueprint and easy-to-master steps for achieving meaningful success. They have been proven to guide not just me but thousands others whom I have mentored and helped succeed in all aspects of life. My dream is to mentor a million young people through this book. The uncomplicated pointers shared in the book will guide the reader towards success – both professional and personal. The book will act like a life mentor for people of any age group, but especially for college students, young and mid-career professionals.

This book will be an adept lifetime mentor faithfully by your side to guide you through various stages of life. It guides you in achieving meaningful success including tremendous professional success through multidimensional and balanced life goals, which are the key to happiness and fulfilment. The book first focuses on defining the person you aspire to be through a step-by-step process to define your aspirational life goals. Then it guides you in becoming the best version of yourself and worthy of realizing your aspirations. The ideas shared are relevant to people of ages fifteen years onwards, from high school students to early and senior professionals to CEOs. It also includes insights from exclusive interviews with Ratan Tata, Narayan Murthy, Sadhguru Ji, Kiran Majumdar, John Chambers, Dr Devi Shetty, Rahul Dravid, Prakash Padukone and more. These distinguished people have achieved amazing success by passionately pursuing their goal-based journeys and have underlined the ideas shared in the book.

Praise for the Book

‘Everyone needs a mentor to realize their potential. Best wishes to Dr Mansingh as he attempts to throw light on this important aspect through this book.’
― Sachin Tendulkar
‘Every reader, irrespective of profession or age, will be able to pick up some golden nuggets from the book to improve his or her life.’
― NR Narayana Murthy
‘Immediately after Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary scaled Mount Everest, there was a flood of people replicating their feat. That’s the power of role models that Dr Mansingh’s book highlights. His book will be an amazing mentor for any reader.’
― Dr Devi Shetty (Founder Narayan Health)
‘We all need mentors. Instead of making your own mistakes, learn from mentors; that’s less painful! Vivek’s invaluable book can be your lifetime mentor’.
― John Chambers (Ex Chairman Cisco)
‘Whether is it listening to his speech or having a conversation with him or reading his articles or picking up this book -- you won't be left disappointed… I can vouch, you get a 1000% return on Rs 319 you invest on this book – what is guaranteed is loads of positive energy, passion in everything you do and a new zeal. Get ready to be infected!’
― Pradeep B (Ex CEO and Managing Editor, Silicon India Magazine)
‘This book takes on the role of a mentor in inspiring us and influencing our personal development by transforming us into leaders. For our young entrepreneurs whose aspirations will fuel India’s future growth, this book brings a deeper understanding of the root of success and serves as a practical guide to self-realisation.’
― Vani Kola (Founder and MD, Kalaari Capital)
‘Vivek’s book is a contemporary rendition of India’s ancient heritage: how to be a fully engaged, well-rounded karma-yogi in today’s chaotic world. His message resonates because it is authentic – Vivek practices what he preaches.’
― Swati and Ramesh Ramanathan (Founders, Jana Group)
This book coalesces illustrations and experiences into pragmatic and insightful concepts and practices to become the best possible version of oneself....and is therefore relevant to anyone who wants to engage in that endeavour.’
― Vinita Bali (Former MD and CEO, Britannia Industries Ltd)

Quotes from the Book

Define who you aspire to be, then become that person! Dr Vivek Mansingh

We all need mentors. Instead of making your own mistakes, learn from others’; that’s less painful! I have had mentors all my life and I have been positively impacted by each one of them. John Chambers

Everyone needs a mentor to realize their potential. Best wishes to Dr Mansingh as attempts to throw light on this important aspect through this book. – Sachin Tendulkar

All human beings, without exception, are capable of turning into the architects of their own joy and the masters of their own destiny. – Sadhguru Ji

Love what you do until you find something you will love to do.’ Dr Vivek Mansingh

Each one of us needs to realize our potential and become the best version of ourselves to do well in our careers and life. So, it is worth putting in your best efforts to pursue excellence. – Rahul Dravid

More than ability, in founders, I have valued attitude, maturity, fire in the belly, courage and tenacity to see the startup through. Ratan Tata

Your future should not be decided by an extrapolation of your past. It should be driven by the aspirations of the future. Dr Vivek Mansingh

Innovation is a skill, a combination of art, science and creativity that can be learnt by individuals and companies. Dr Vivek Mansingh

I believe that innovation should not be the prerogative of a few seniors in the organization, but it must be the mantra for everybody, from the janitor to the CEO. – Narayana Murthy

The ability to motivate yourself and your team towards achieving a goal, and getting the best out of your team and you, even in adverse circumstances, is leadership. Dr Vivek Mansingh

Leadership starts where logic stops. Dr Vivek Mansingh

Look at your life as the opportunity to change things not just for yourself but also family, society and planet. Don’t be afraid to lead or follow, as long as you are driving positive change.Vinita Bali

Be what you want your children to be. Dr Vivek Mansingh

I strongly believe that it is important to try to be the best in whatever you do. Always
focus on what you want to become as an individual, and empower yourself to reach your goals without compromising your values.– Prakash Padukone

I was driven by the goal of wanting to put India and Biocon on the world map of biotechnology research and development. Such goals drive me! Kiran Majumdar Shaw

The five skills entrepreneurs need are conviction, ability to listen, grit, being purpose-driven and open to continuous learning. Vani Kola

If there is a voice in your head telling you to do something for the larger good, listen to it. Great societies are made by average people solving public problems and adding value.Ramesh and Swati Ramanathan

Immediately after Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary scaled Mount Everest, there was a flood of people replicating their feat in a very short time! That’s the power of role models. Dr Devi Shetty



"Meaningful success is about achieving what is meaningful to you."

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