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In pursuit of “Mentoring A Million”

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Mentor Par Excellence.  Global Leader.  Entrepreneur.
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Narayana Murthy
Founder Infosys


Dr. Vivek Mansingh

“Define who you aspire to be and then become the person.”

Dr. Mansingh is Stanford alumnus and a global leader, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author, technology visionary and innovator. He has been listed in the “National Who’s Who of the United States” in the year 2000. He has also received India’s highest Chanakya Innovative Leadership Award in 2012 from Public Relations Council of India and I T Man of the Year 2016 from Enterprise Connect, USA. He is currently a General Partner at YourNest Venture Capital fund and he sits on the board of several for-profit and nonprofit global organizations.


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Global Leader

Held global leadership positions at Cisco, Dell, HP and Fujitsu.


Founder of ATTI in USA, led Ishoni Networks (acquired by Philips) and Portal Software (acquired by Oracle). Incubated and mentored many startups.

Technology Visionary

Visualized and authored articles on Internet, Mobile Phone, Cloud Technologies, Internet of Things and many other technologies way before they became a reality.


In addition to Achieving Meaningful Success, contributed to two US and German technology books.


Invented an instrument for hardware systems design that is sold worldwide and hold six US patents.


Mentored thousands of people across the globe from driver’s daughter to young professionals to CEOs.

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